Talkin' Trash Recycling Contest


Fourth graders have been "Talkin' Trash" since 2000 in Horry County. This countywide contest encourages fourth grade students to recycle at school and divert waste from being thrown away in our landfill.

Every month, the top three winning schools will receive a plaque, a school supplies for their school, a recycled content prize for each 4th grader, and a visit from the Talkin' Trash crew! The students will also get a chance to appear on television.

The top three schools that demonstrate the most recycling during the course of the Talkin' Trash contest will be deemed the Grand Prize winners and the fourth graders from those schools will go on a fun-filled educational field trip. Lunch and transportation will be provided

How the Contest Works:

Talkin’ Trash (TT) is a school recycling and waste diversion competition that encourages elementary schools to engage in waste reduction, recycling, composting, and waste management practices.  Originally created by the Horry County Solid Waste Authority, the Talkin’ Trash program has been introducing students to recycling and environmental awareness since 2000.  The program has fostered a mutually beneficial partnership between the Horry County Solid Waste Authority and Horry County Schools (HCS). 

Your school will have an opportunity to examine its entire waste portfolio which includes landfill trash, commingled recyclables, classroom paper recycling, and compostable material.  The students will also be tasked with completing Challenges over the course of the competition to improve the waste management practices at your school and to earn points in the competition.

***To view/download a copy of the HCS lunch posters with pictures on items that go in the recycle bins, compost bins and landfill buckets/containers please click here.


Get ready to start Talkin’ Trash! Visit to see this year's program highlights!



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